Our Mission



'If you haven't climbed the mountain, you haven't seen the valley' is just one of the many proverbs that express the importance to be open and look over the fence to learn from each other. Too often we think we know it all, we have the best system, ... but as soon as we communicate with colleagues from around the world we find out that we all have basically the same problems and the same challenges in our classrooms. And also we find out that there are lots of interesting solutions out there to discover.

So why don't we stick our heads together and learn from each other: faculty from faculty, directly and without much scientific overhead.

This was the basic idea that lead to founding this Institute for Global Faculty Development. For several years the Felix Fechenbach Berufskolleg and Atlanta Technical College organized faculty training event on various scales and sizes: one week team teaching - to groups of faculty - traveling to the other country to learn from each other.

Be a part of this endeavor, become a member of this institute and share your ideas, experiences with interesting colleagues from around the globe. The founding members represent the following countries: France, The Netherlands, Taiwan, USA, Germany


Due to the corona pandemic we are very limited in what we can do. However we use the electronic media to have online workshops or presentations.

The master plan is to provide possibilities for faculty from the technical / vocational areas to experience work abroad first hand and to have face-to-face meetings, conferences and team teaching experiences.